Github icloud sync

I’m using icloud (on a mac) to automatically store my desktop and documents folder so I can access it from anywhere. Github desktop automatically creates a Github folder in my documents folder but since my computer is a bit full, it also starts uploading the subfolders of my projects to icloud. Is there a way to stop this sync? I tried the .nosync solution but Github will just create a new folder then because it will not recognize the name anymore :(. Maybe somebody else ran into this before?

Thanks for the question @rubenoan. GitHub Desktop allows you to select a directory when cloning/creating a repository. This directory will be remembered as the default for the next time you create/clone a repository. One pattern is to create a specific ~/Code directory – would that be a good solution for you? That directory could live outside of your iCloud sync and could be used for your GitHub repositories. We generally recommend against storing repositories inside of file syncing services since it can occasionally cause local repository corruption.

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Thanx for the clarification.

I had read about problems in the past, but I almost took Github Desktop chosing my Documents folder as default as an OK for using an iCloud folder. Good thing I doublechecked :slight_smile:

It may be an idea to put a little hint about this somewhere in Github Desktop when saving things.