GitHub Hosting UK seo ranking

I am thinking of hosting my static UK website on Github, presently I am hosted with Azure. My website ranks very high, top on most searches . Will hosting with Github and the swap over have a detrimental effect on my rankings ? Should I use a UK based host instead ?

Thank you for any help.


If you’re using the same domain name then it’s unlikely that your SEO rankings will be affected. As long as all the same URLs you had previously resolve to the correct page then your SEO score should likely stay the same as it is.

That said, we aren’t able to answer that conclusively as even we’re not sure how Google etc determine page ranking. You’d need to ask an SEO expert or, ideally, someone at Google for more information on this!

so it shouldn’t affect your rankings, but it would be better for you if you would use a UK based host instead, but that’s not precise information

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