GitHub Hosting FAQ

How does github host?Does it really use my battery, internet and cpu?I use android.

Hi @mmimyhahah , welcome to GitHub! GitHub is an online software development platform where the world builds software, and you may find the video “What is GitHub?” helpful.

Your connection to GitHub from Android will use resources on your device for the local app (for example, you’ll need Internet to send data to and receive data from GitHub), but your code is hosted for other collaborators in our data centers - it isn’t served from your device. Therefore, when other people access content you put on GitHub, that access isn’t using resources on your device.

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Hello, thanks for the quick reply.So, does that mean you use servers to host?

Hi @mmimyhahah yes, GitHub is an online service hosted from our data centers. You may find our blog post “Evolution of GitHub’s data centers” interesting.

Thanks, i finally understand :blush:

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