GitHub "Home Page"

Hi folks,

I have 4 repositories I wish to follow. On the top left of my landing page there are two repositories. One is one of the four, the other is one I no longer wish to follow. No matter what I try I cannot get the 4 I desire there. What am I doing wrong?

Next, I used to get “some” news in the center column of this page. I’d like to at least see the highlights of new postings for these four repositories here. I think I came close once. Now it just invites me to explore. What do I need to change?


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Can anyone help with step by step on what I am doing wrong or not doing as the case may be?


Hi @rebop !

Thank you for reaching out on this one.  The repository listing is dynamically generated based on a few criteria including frequency of contribution, user ownership and date of contribution. This listing cannot be customized at this time in the UI.  However, we do see that this would be beneficial; so our team is looking into this type of feedback in an internal feature request list.

Additionally, the news feed will automatically drop off content periodically. This depends on how long it’s been since any new activity happened.

If you want to have activity removed from the feed after unfollowing a user or repo, you will need reach out to our private support team so that they can assist further.

Let me know if that helps to answer your questions.

Thanks for the reply.

I am very surprised that these abilities are so severely limited. It appears to me there are two major roles, perhaps more, for Github. Developers of course, with their set of wants, needs and desires, and end users invested in the continued development of specific software products. I fall into the later.

That said, I would expect to “bookmark” or create a menu of the repositories that interest me to see issues, updates and a place to comment on my experience with the issue under discussion. From time to time, I’d like to forget a repository or add one anew. There are features that “seem” like they address these wants like"star repository" that actually does not see to do anything for me at all.

Then, it would be great to see highlights of current activity of those saved repositories. You say a newsfeed will drop off with decreased activity. Not true for me. They are gone even though daily activity.

Now, I am not sure what Github is designed to do for me. I feel like a one armed man with a left handed mouse. I have to search for a repository, then after many clicks wade though to see if there is anything of interest to me. I am amazed this is not a more important topic of discussion. Or maybe I am just the odd duck trying to make this tool something it is not targeted to be. And not finding any “guide” for someone in my role.