GitHub GraphQL v4 CLI

I am the developer of the GitHub GraphQL v4 CLI tool ( and would like to see if any developers here would be interested in joining the project?

The reason this tool was built was to be able to automate things without having to write entire code bases.  It’s great to be able to simply pipe things.

As of right now it supports queries and mutations, but I would love to have others with more advanced needs contribute.

Some GitHub GraphQL CLI examples  (take a look at the which does what the name implies).

Hi, great work there. Even I prefer for github v3 api. There’s 1 thing I wanted to ask. I am new to GraphQL. Is it only possible to query using it i.e. can we only READ data from github using it ? Because I couldn’t find any create/add in the v4 api docs. Can we create a repository using v4 api ? Please help.