Github free organization buy storage

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Firstly, sorry for my bad english, i have a github organization free account, and need more than 500 mb for storage packages, can i buy only storage for my packages without migrate for team? and how much cost each GB for storage?

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It sounds like you might be interested in using git large file storage. I have some more information here that you can read through. If you only need 500MB, you shouldn’t have to pay unless you’re going to use extra bandwidth.

If you do need extra storage and bandwidth, you can upgrade that without having a paid plan for your organisation. There’s more information here.

Hi Friend,
I dont use large file in my projects, but, i have a dozens of projects, and maybe 500 MB not enough, so, i want to pay for storage and bandwidth, but dont need features in team plan, pro plan ou enterprise plan, i just need to private my projects and storage. Is the same way to pay?

Without lfs, no repository can be larger than 1GB and no file can be larger than 100MB.

In order to increase those limits you will have to use git lfs. If you surpass the free storage and bandwidth limits (1GB and 1GB/month), you will have to purchase a data pack, which you can do even if you’re on an otherwise free plan.

Firstly, thanks for your attenction, suppose that i have ten projects, and each have 100 MB of files, a lot of files with max 50KB size, so, each repository no large than 1GB and no files with size larger than 100 MB, but, the sum of theses repositorys are larger than 500MB, in this case, i need to buy lfs ou can buy for storage and bandwith without lfs?

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If you are talking about the repo file size, I believe there is just a per repo limit you mentioned. Sum doesn’t matter since the limit applies to each repo individually. You don’t need to buy anything.

If you are talking about GitHub Packages, it’s already billed separately based on usage. You can view the usage under your organization’s billing tab: