GitHub Fork | Pull Request | Merge Pull Request

GitHub Fork | Pull Request | Merge Pull Request This concept is used whenever the user who does not belong to the team would like to contribute

Hey! Thanks for posting this. Is there any question that I can help answer here or are you just spreading the knowledge about how to use a fork? 

Dear @logankilpatrick and @ravikaanthe,

I’m new to git/GitHub and have a question relating to this topic. I have done searches online and in the forum but haven’t seen an answer to my problem. Hoping you can help and apology if I’m asking the obvious or have missed an appropriate posting elsewhere.
I have gone through the process of account setup and began working through the default GitHub tutorial which was presented to me after I logged in however despite following the tutorial to the letter I am unable to execute a “merge pull request”. I’ve created a repository, branched it and made some simple edits (it just a “Hello world” text file. In trying to execute a pull request I get an orange message that reads “Checking for ability to merge automatically…” and the “Merge pull request” button is greyed out.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.
PS: I’m using the GitHub web interface and not the desktop interface.

Regards, Tom.