Github for distributing audio and video

I did some searches but didn’t find anything about this. Authoritatively, only github staff could answer this question, and even then, because supporting audio and music isn’t GitHub’s core service, maybe not, because no one has thought about it.

There are lots of sites devoted to distributing music, but for various reasons I don’t like how they work. GitHub, with git, is obviously perfect for syncing local files to a distribution site. Because of that, I’d like to use it for a blog which is used to distribute audio and video files.

But, again, audio and video isn’t GitHub’s core service, and audio and video files are larger than text files. So, I assume that if I actually got a lot of traffic that was pulling the audio and video files, my repository would get shut down.

In the past, I read where someone was using GitHub to host the distribution of their music.

Can anyone tell me whether GitHub officially allows distributing audio and video files?


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