GitHub folders feature

Dear GitHub developers,

I would like to ask you if you can just give us a statement on the folders feature in the DearGitHib website.
Around 200 developers have asked for the folders feature for the GitHub projects since January 2016 and we have heard no response so far.
You can see the thread here
I would like to ask just for a general statement whether you might look into it, or if you don’t intend to implement it, that is also fine as long as we have some closure.

Kind regards

Hi @coldwarrior5 :wave:

Welcome to the Community forum! Thanks for reaching out about this issue.
We do recommend that you leave input about this feature by sending a message through our Product Feedback form. This is the best way for us to hear your voice and keep track of those requests.

Keep an eye on our Changelog and Public Roadmap for updates about product changes. Thanks so much for being committed to the continued improvement of GitHub!