Github finding referenced build paths

Hey there. I’m just starting to use git so sorry if I’m being clueless however:

I’m trying to share some code with someone, in which I referenced multiple .jars. On the commit it shows the path the program uses to find the .jars on MY computer. So I have two questions:

1 - If someone has the jars installed already (which they should) do I need to change something to make sure the program is finding the jars

2 - If I don’t change anything, is there anyway I remove this from the repo without it affecting my computer since my computer has my full name at the front of the paths

Thanks for any help you can give

It’s hard to give a specific answer without more details on your repository. However, in general the recommended approach is to manage such dependencies using a build tool (e.g. Maven), which can download dependencies if necessary and automatically set the right paths for them at runtime.