Github File Finder broken in Safari 14

In Safari version 14.0, the “file finder” (hotkey: t) feature of the repository view is broken. When the finder renders, it is populated with only the first file in the repository. Putting text in the input only searches that single file, rather than the whole list of files.

I believe this regression started sometime in October, though I can’t be sure exactly when. I think the file finder has also had some changes pushed recently- at least cosmetically.

This issue is not present in Chrome 94.0.4606.81.

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I noticed this too (in firefox and safari) and dug in further. Sometime recently, github changed their file search to be client-side - pulling a massive JSON blob with a single array of all paths down when switching to the file finder, and searching that locally. It’s fundamentally bad design and causes OOM, crashing, and weird UI glitches (duplicate file names, key strokes not registering). It feels like a half-baked feature, and really needs more time - and actual load testing - before shipping. As it stands, the file finder is unusable in large repos.