GitHub file editing and searching is very slow

Hi, recently GitHub appears to have deoptimized file editing and searching. Editing a file previously made a scroll bar appear within the editor itself. This essentially meant the browser wouldn’t have to load the whole file at once. However, now that bar has been removed and when editing, the usual scroll bar on the side of the browser is used to scroll through the entire file, and the whole file is displayed at once. Not only does this make scrolling down to commit a pain, it also completely ruins file searching and makes changes take ages. Is there a way to revert this? I cannot find any associated setting in the Settings menu. FYI, I am dealing with files less than 1 MB large, so I don’t think a particularly large file is the issue here.

What happened? Is this repo-controlled or user-controlled? How do I optimize searching again, with the scroll bar within the editor, so I can edit smoothly and search quickly?


Thank you for your post. Now I finally know that not only I have this problem.

Here is my post about it: Problem with "edit this file": text box always expands fully vertically

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Yeah, I hope they fix it soon. I’ll try every browser that I can find and let you know if one works - I have a lot of them. Glad to know I’m not the only one!


I feel like it’s a bug for certain users, if you get the bug it will rig everything related to Github since I have the same bug