Github feed issues?

Since a few days/weeks (around the latest UI changes?) my github homepage/feed does not contain any comment or issue / PR-related entries anymore for any of the projects I watch, only commits. 

I tried unwatching then re-watching, clearing notifications etc but still cannot get it to show me all news form my watched repos.

Any others with the issue or a fix? It’s basically useless at this point.


Good to know I’m not the only one experiencing this!  Seems like it only shows commits now and not comments.  It’s a lot less useful than it was before :(.

I just came looking for a solution to this problem, but … there’s nothing. Somebody wrote a third-party script to subscribe to pull requests from an individual repo, but that still doesn’t get issue notifications or mentions.

I see this issue begins to be very old… And very annoying too. GitHub can send notifications by email, but not by feed?

My private atom feed is starting to be pretty useless now, since I don’t see any project discussion and activity except commits and tags.

If this is a performance related issues, I suggest to limit the number of requests made to the private atom feed.

But anyway, it would be good to have an official answer on this.

Hello all!

Thanks for this feedback! We’re always working to improve GitHub, and we consider every suggestion we receive. I’ve shared your feedback on this in our internal feature request list. Though I can’t guarantee anything or share a timeline for this, I can tell you that you’ve been heard and this has been shared with the appropriate teams for consideration.

Thank you!

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Nice to have some official feedback finally.

But why was it changed in the first place? It’s not so much a “feature request” since it already WAS just like it should be and got broken…

Hello from the futur ^^ 

We are in 2019 and I have had the same problem since last month: D

Any others with the issue or a fix? 


I still have this issue!


This issue has persisted for serveral days for me.

Hello all!

I’m getting this issue since last 4 days,though I haven’t messed up anything. Please Help!!

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2020: are you still working on this feature or nah ? o_O

I recently hit this as well. I’d begun hitting the private Atom feed at my signed-in frontpage under the sane expectation that it would serialize new issues and pull requests from watched repositories. To my horror, I now realize that the feed only tracks my personal activity – which renders less the feed less than useless. I’m already aware of my personal activity, of course; I was the one that did those things, so… I’d better be, right?

It’s the activity of others that I’m exclusively interested in. I missed several critical pending issues and pull requests across several mission-critical repositories thanks to this – which, I suppose, is my fault for doing insufficient due diligence on GitHub feeds. *sigh*

Still, what’s the point of the existing pointless implementation? Frankly, jettisoning the concept of GitHub feeds entirely would be preferable to the current non-approach. Microsoft can and should do substantially better here.

On the bright side, at least the recently implemented GitHub Actions are phenomenal! Fantastic work there all around. Credit where credit is certainly due. Now, if only that personal feed would do something useful for once…

Since a few days, my activity feed stopped working too. returns 502 “This page is taking too long to load.”

Hello, have you resolve the problem?

Facing the same issue as well. My activity is not loading no matter how many times I refresh or any browsers I use. Also /dashboard-feed is giving “taking too long to load”. I am noticing this last couple of days