Github false-reporting issue


I was supprised that I could not find any ‘bugtracker’ for github (
I’d post this case here

There is critical identity recognition issue in the GitHub (at least since 2 years).
Noone did fix that :confused:

As a result, commits from some account, are presented as commited by other contributor.

In the following case, the presented user was created in April 2018, while he is reported to make 94 commits in 2017. This is false, that are commits of some other account.

My guess: The case is related to the way how the github manages SSH KEYS (I think they display the username of the account that is mathing ‘ssh key’) - so if you happen to add the same ssh-key to few accounts, you would see the error. (Not sure if they display  ‘most recent’ username-key pair). 
Of course there is no warning about possible name ovverride issue when you are adding the existing key to your new account.

Github is also ignoring the information of ‘user’ and ‘author’ from the commits.

I declare this case a critical, as you never know, if some random user has an access to your private repo.

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I’ve found a reply

This depends on the email address of the commiter 
(Like the one set in .gitconfig )