GitHub Events API recent latency?


My team has created an integration against the repository GitHub Events API (Events - GitHub Docs). Lately, we’ve been seeing that events are taking an hour or more to show up in the response from that API (whereas in the recent past events would show up within a minute or so).

Is there some known issue at the moment with regard to events being surfaced from the Events API in a timely manner?

Is there an SLA for events being present in the Event API payload for a private repository for an authenticated user? Really the only mention of such a thing that I can find is the mention that requests to the PUBLIC endpoints will be delayed by at least five minutes (“We delay the public events feed by five minutes, which means the most recent event returned by the public events API actually occurred at least five minutes ago.”).

Thanks in advance for any answers anyone may have!


I am not seeing any problem past 24 hours,

however there was another related post from Sydney

but hopefully it’s fixed by now

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Maybe related to this?

Of note: we’re still seeing this behavior. Events are routinely taking 15-60+ minutes to show up in the Events API.


Same here, events lag during peak times, often > 1 hour.


It got better for me for some days but it’s slow again now, also hitting more than hour!

For what it’s worth, I’ve logged support ticket 1651296 on this issue. The most recent reply states:

“…there is no “SLA” for when an event would show up in the Events API. How fast events are processed can fluctuate based on site loads and we use different queues for public and private repositories.”

They also suggested using Webhooks, which doesn’t quite fit my team’s particular use case.


Thanks for the follow up on lack of service level definition. I guess this should be on the documentation.

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