GitHub Events API needs a way to return exactly the same data as dashboard

The main screen (home / dashboard) only shows a subset of the events,

which is great, because they are the ones I want to see:


But the /users/:user/received_events endpoint returns way too much unnecessary events and doesn’t return some other important ones.

  • It returns new activity on all repositories I’m “watching”

  • It doesn’t return “Someone followed you” activity

Because of the huge number events that is returned, at least two things happen:

  • Events that I really want to see basically disappear in the middle of everything

  • Since the events api has a limit 300 events in total, lot’s of events will get lost


Can we get a way to get the exact same info via API? I mean, a way to not return all these repo activity. 

(Even better if this was on the GraphQL API, but there’s probably another post for that already).


The way I’m currently “solving” this on DevHub is by doing client-side filtering.

But client-side filtering s*cks because:

  • I need to fetch an indefinite number of pages to find just a couple of events that match my filter
  • API has a 300 events limit

Would love if filtering was possible via api. Adding Events to the GraphQL api should solve everything. Any link for me to track this?

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