`GITHUB_ENV` Starring out my env variable


I’m using this to set up my env variabes: https://docs.doppler.com/docs/enclave-github-actions#usage-tip-passing-doppler-secrets-to-next-steps. The command itself is doppler secrets download --no-file --format=env >> $GITHUB_ENV; which just outputs something like this:


My problem is that for some reason my database url instead of being: postgresql://user:pass@host:port/db, its showing up as ***host:port/db. At first I thought it was Github just censoring the sensitive details, but my migration and seeding database steps are failing. When I run doppler locally with the exact same environment variables as github actions, it works without fail. Anyone know what is going on?


When using a secret in the workflow, if some words or strings are contained in the value of the secret, these words and strings may be masked in the logs.

You can try to check if the masked words are contained in the values of the secrets.