Github enterprise user audits for clone


My company has GHE and i want to know is there any way to find user activity logs.
examples list of clones , read, search the user has done for all the repos across organisation ?

example user has clones 20 repos and when , what files he accessed from web interface etc

what about if user clone via http or ssh ?

if the user clone via http then i can see that the webserver log will have that log file but what about if user clones via ssh ? will there bey any enrty

Hey hey @mk2134226! There’s quite a bit of logging available for GHE and GHES users, which I believe cover each of your use cases.

Some of the available functionality will depend on whether or not you’re using GHE cloud or a GHES hosted instance, and which version is being used. I think a great starting place would be our docs, here:

Do note the dropdown where you should select the version your Org is running to find the most relevant/accurate docs.

Available audit logging should indeed include SSH activity and HTTP activity, AFAIK. Though, if there is anything missing from available logs, we probably have it available upon request. We may need to bring you into an internal/private ticket space to assist, but totally do-able!

I’d say, peep those docs, see what you can see, and let us know if anything remains so we can further assist.