Github enterprise subscription

I want to configure the github enterprise account but i have a few confusion.
1: The subscription will be applicable to only one organization?
2: Can we create multiple organization with one enterprise subscription?
3: The 21$ for enterprise subscription will be applicable only for one user?. if we increase the number of user in organization, the price will be increase ?

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You can have multiple organisations as part of one Enterprise subscription. And yes, the price per user is $21 so that will increase when you add new people.

If you’re interested in setting up an Enterprise subscription, please contact sales who can help you get started.

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Thanks for the response.
I have tried contacting sales team multiple times but there is no response from their side.

I request you to share the information in details.
I am writing my query in points.
1: As you have shared like price will be increased when we add new people. So it will be considered only if i add someone as enterprise owner, or it will consider if i add someone to my organization or repository also.

2: If some person is added to enterprise account than his account will also be considered as enterprise account or it will remain same.

I just had a look and I couldn’t find any tickets that appeared to have been associated with your account. I’d be happy to ask someone from Sales to get in touch with you!

Anyone added to the organisation as a member or to organisation private repositories as a collaborator will cost $21/month. This doesn’t affect their personal accounts.

Let me know if you’d like me to pass your query on to sales. They would help you set up a multi-organisation Enterprise account.