GitHub Enterprise server Replica

Hello Team
I have 2 Enterprise server installed as “new install” same version etc. How do i convert one to a replica?

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We have some documentation here that might help:

You do the setup starting on the primary instance, pointing to the intended replica. They must be exactly the same version.

If you run into any trouble, you can always open at ticket with Enterprise Support - just make sure you’re signed into your Enterprise account when you do.

Thanks for the update @canuckjacq but If you already have 2 installed already as “new install” how do you convert one of the two to a replica. Which means one of them will now be configured as a replica of the another it was not originally that way

As long as they are the same version, and you have enough space on your replica machine, you should still be able to run the same command to begin converting the 2nd instance to a replica.

Thanks @canuckjacq we just went ahead and re-provisioned the VM to start afresh…I have one pressing question i want to configure both instance with SML with the url below “Using SAML - GitHub Docs” . Under “configuring saml settings” in the above link what info do i need from my networking team how do i proceed with step 11 " Under Verification certificate , click Choose File and choose a certificate to validate SAML responses from the IdP."" thanks

that certificate should be downloadable from your IdP