GitHub Enterprise - Scan All Repos As Site Admin

As a site admin, is there a way to add yourself as an owner to all organizations in a GitHub Enterprise instance?

Using to return all repos from an org which I am not a member of return only its public repos. This request is authorized using a PAT with access to all scopes and belongs to my site admin LDAP user. I can see the org has many private repos, and I’d like to be able to return all repos of all orgs as part of a total GitHub audit initiative. The default reports you can generate in the admin console and UI are not sufficient because I need a programmable way to return the last activity (e.g. commit) date from every repo.

Just found, which can be used to promote a site admin to an owner of any org. To avoid sending other site admins an email for every org they are made an owner of, I did something like this to target only my user:

From admin shell:

for org in $(curl -u <user>:<token> https://<server>/api/v3/organizations \
| jq '.[].login' \
| cut -d '"' -f 2 \
| xargs echo); do ghe-org-admin-promote -u <user> -o $org -y; done