GitHub Enterprise Cloud download/list users for an Organization

Hi, We have a requirement in GitHub where we plan to procure licenses for a Organization in our Enterprise Cloud. I know that the licenses are best viewed at an Enterprise level and not on an Organization level. Now, the question is, how do I list or download a spreadsheet with the list of users/licenses consumed for a specific Organization with in an Enterprise.
For e.g. If I have 2 Orgs, with 70 Enterprise licenses, I will plan internally to use 20 licenses for Org A and similarly 50 licenses for Org B. I may want to make sure Org A should not be using Org B licenses and vice versa.
Any suggestions on how best I can customize to generate reports? If there is already a similar reports created, that should also help.

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Hi @nmattamGitHub :wave:

You can choose the View details button (step 5 from link below), it’ll take you to the “People - Members” page where you could then filter the list of users by Organization .

There is no report a user can generate. However, if you contact support directly they may be able to generate a CSV for that.