GitHub Enterprise Cloud and GitHub Desktop


I have experience using a private GitHub account, but no experience with GitHub Enterprise. I have a GitHub Enterprise Cloud account, and I would like to use GitHub Desktop to interact with this account. However, when I try to sign in to my GitHub Enterprise account (using the address “Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners · GitHub”), I get this error message: “Unable to authenticate with GitHub Enterprise instance. Verify that the URL is correct, that your GitHub Enterprise instance is running version 2.8.0 or later, and that you have an internet connection and try again.”

I was hoping that GitHub Desktop would simply connect to my enterprise account, ask for a password and afterwards allow me to push/pull to the repositories in the enterprise account, but without being able to even log in, I’m not sure where to start. Can someone advise?

:wave: Welcome!

The Enterprise Server option in Desktop is for teams using our self hosted version of GitHub. If you have Enterprise Cloud, you can simply login to your own personal account using the login option. You’ll have access to your organisation repositories then.

What about the scenario where we are testing out GHEC with EMU? Using the EMU auth URL does not allow me to auth to GitHub Desktop.