GitHub Enterprise API pull request merge endpoint not working as expected

I am currently using the pulls/:prnumber/merge endpoint to auto-close a PR via the API, but am noticing an issue WRT the commit title. I am passing in a value with “commit_title” via the API, but once the PR is merged, the commit always shows the “default” message in the title:

Merge pull request #nnn from owner/repo

regardless of what I define. The PR is merged properly, so overall the call appears to be working, it’s just not acknowledging that title parameter.

Any thoughts on this?

Have you tried using one of the other merge types such as squash or rebase? It may be that the commit title field is only applicable to the other merge types.

Also, can you let us know which version of GitHub Enterprise you’re using?

I was actually able to get around this issue … turned out to be operator error :slight_smile:


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Glad to hear that everything is working for you now!