GitHub Email Address

Hi, this question may have been asked before. Or it could be dumb. Or both. But here goes … is there any kind of “email forwarding” that comes with a GitHub account? Meaning, it would be nice if I could add an email address like to the Arduino libraries in my repository and then be able to control where that address gets forwarded to.

That way I could be contacted for support without having to provide a private email address. I could also redirect or shut off the forwarding if email (including spam) volume got too large.


Hey @gfvalvo :wave:

No, we have no email forwarding to provide a alias for our users. The aliases are only for GitHub Staff, and this type of official forwarding, or mail service, would make for some very strange potential to socially engineer mimicking of GitHub staff.

While I’m no PM, I can’t foresee GitHub offering this type of service.

If you would like to submit a more “formal,” request for something like this, you can submit it, here:

Though again, we do not currently offer mail services to provide our end users with aliases.