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Hi i wanted to ask if it is possible to move/transfer my Github Education Student Developer Pack to my existing personal account when I already claim the Education pack on my student email account. Or can I delete my account with the pack and add my student email to my personal account and reclaim that afterwards?

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Once you have been approved for a Student Developer Pack, you will not be approved a second time (even if you delete the previous account), and we are unable to move the discount, once applied, to a different account. These rules are in place so that we can continue to offer the partner deals.

If you are still a qualified student when your existing discount expires, you can apply for the renewal from a different account if you prefer.

If you want to merge your accounts, you can do that, making sure to keep the account that has the discount.

Hi thank you for your assistance, I think the most viable option for me is waiting until my next renewal. Where can I check when is my existing discount expires?

Your Developer Pack discount expires two years from the date of approval. You will typically receive an email ahead of time to let you know it’s time to apply again.

Okay I see, so even though I downgrade it to free I still wouldn’t be able to reclaim until two years time from the date of approval. Or the other solution is I merge my personal account to the account with the pack. Thank you!

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