Github Education (students) is still pending past the promised deadline

Hi everyone,

Has anyone experienced anything like me?
I am a student, I have applied for Github Education (students) since March 9th. Github replied with the autoreplay message that I got a reply on April 4. But until now there has been no reply.

I have sent a student ID card clearly, I have included the file showing online learning during Covid19.

Please help me, I have personally contacted me via the help ticket, there is still no response.

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Hi alfinizza, I am in the same situation as you. I made my request to obtain the student education packet on Sunday, March 13, and I received the confirmation email notifying me that I would receive the response to my request on Sunday, April 4.

And I have not received any response to my request!
Yesterday I opened a ticket to request support, and only received the typical automated answer. Today I decided to open another, hoping to receive an answer. But I’m already tired of your automated waiting answer, and not getting support from the GitHub staff.

I am disappointed with the support and work that GitHub is offering. A year ago, GitHub users received more support and attention.

Hope we get a quick response from the GitHub staff.

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I totally agree with you alfinizza.