GitHub Education (Student) Pending past the promised deadline 2

My previously shared post yesterday was removed by GitHub support, where they sent me an automated message arguing that my post was flagged as inappropriate.
This is illogical since at no time did I offend, infringe, or violate the guidelines of the GitHub community.

Hi everyone,
I am creating this topic because I know that ssome users (students) have not received a response to their request for the GitHub student package.

I hope this topic will be read by a member of the GitHub support team as soon as possible.

I’ve seen multiple users in the GitHub Support Community (Myself included) complaining about not receiving a answer to our request for the student package, despite the timeout completed.

My case is that I made my request to get the student education packet on Sunday, March 13, and I received the confirmation email notifying me that I would receive the answer to my request on Sunday, April 4. And I have not received a response to my request!

Yesterday I opened a ticket to request support and only received the typical automatic response. Today I decided to open another, hoping to receive an answer.

And like my case there are many.
We await a concrete and estable response to know when we applications will be approved.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.