Github Education request pending

Hi, even though I used .edu email id and provided proof of enrollment, Github education pack request didn’t get approved automatically and may take 11 days. Any way to expedite this?

:wave: Welcome to the Community!

Unfortunately if your application couldn’t be automatically approved using your academic email address, you will have to wait while it is manually reviewed by one of our education specialists. Even when you’ve provided an .edu email address, sometimes manual reviews can still be required.

We’re unable to prioritise requests from the community forums - applications will be handled in order.

We do appreciate your patience! If you’re just itching to start learning, you can get started with GitHub straight away, so you’re ready to hit the ground running when your pack is approved.

Hi. How long does it take to approve application for Student pack?

Thank you for quick reply. Do you know approximately how long does it take based on your experience?

If an application can’t be automatically approved using your academic email address, time to review will vary depending on various things, like the documents submitted and the school involved. Our Education team do their best to have each application resolved within two weeks.

I know that’s not a very satisfying answer, but our process has to be thorough so we can continue to offer the excellent benefits of the Student Pack.

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