Github education for non profit research organization (German registered association)?


I am asking here as I could not find an answer in the help section regarding this special case.

I am working for a registered non profit research organization in Germany. We are an officially registered non-profit association according to German law (eingetragener Verein, e.V.) and we would like to use Github for hosting code of our research projects. Our research topic is Digitisation for civil security. In addtion, we have a cooperation agreement with the University of Paderborn.

Therefore we would like to create a Github organization.

We would like to know, if we as organization are eligible for the education “discount” or mode and if yes what kind of documents do you need from us?

Thanks in advance

Regards from Germany

Hi @siedlerchr,

Thanks for reaching out! 

Our nonprofit program offers a free Team Plan(unlimited users and unlimited private repositories) to official nonprofit organizations and charities. We just need a little more information from you to get you set up.

You can read more about non-profits on GitHub, including what kinds of information we need, here:

When you’re ready to apply, please email with the following information:

* Your nonprofit’s GitHub organization account name
* Your nonprofit’s GitHub organization URL
* Proof of your nonprofit status with your local government (501©(3) status in the US)
* The registered name of your nonprofit
* A summary of what your nonprofit organization does
* Confirmation that your organization is nongovernment, nonacademic, non-commercial, non-political and has no religious affiliation

I hope this helps!

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