Github Eclipse. Project will not import properly to each team members local machine

Hey Guys

I am stuck with a team based Uni project where I have asked my fellow team members to use GitHub with Eclipse. I have hard reset thier branches to mine (including master) to incorporate the last commits I have made(as I had to overwrite some mistakes they made). All the branches work fine on my machine and I have force updated the repo correctly(.java and .class). But on thier local machine(project) it will not recognise main and it seems to not recogise the files properly, so I am thinking it has to do with path routing or the .project .gitignore and .classpath. As I (maybe wrongly) presume that thier local machine is expecting to see some kind of utily package associated with the files that determine where the main is, the fact it is java project etc etc. But these should be recreated when you start a new java project from a repo? right? Is it not just importing the .java and .class files. Help pls pls pls. I am thinking maybe I could copy paste the .project .classpath and then try deleting them and then removing everything from .gitignore apart all the .class files.

Thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately, we’re not experienced with Eclipse and it’s been many, many years since I’ve done anything with Java. It sounds like the problem here doesn’t have to do with Git because you specifically mention being able to hard reset their branches to be equivalent to yours. If this question has to do with Eclipse or Java, we can move this to the Project Help board and see if anyone there has any ideas? If there is a problem that you’re running into with Git, separate from Eclipse or Java, can you talk more about what it is you’re running into?


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