[GitHub → Eclipse] Can not import.

Hello, I started Github from yesterday.

  1. First, I put the project in feather hub.

  2. We also created two versions through the Branch function.
         (Version: master1, master2)

  3. Now is the master2 version status.
         But I tried to go back to the master1 version, but I did not import it.

I proceeded like this.

Did I ever click on the wrong one?

  제목 없음.jpg

Eclipse have a strong plugins for git, where you can do allmost everything… So first of all open the relative prospective:


then select ‘git’ and open it:


you can now see in the top right appear this (you can switch from views):


in this view you can clone a remote repository by coping the link, using the box in the left called ‘Git Repositories’:


then clone the repo and import that to your local worksapce:


now you have your project opened. To navigate in the repository’s history you have to open history box by rigth click on the clone option:

now you can see the special box ‘history’ with all commits, and you can change branch by checkout to your master2.

hope to solve your problem.

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What theme are you using for eclipse in these screenshots?

Is darkest dark, you can find in the marketplace of eclipse:


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