GitHub Domain Doesn't Work

Hi guys!

I made a branch in called gh-pages in my website, and so in settings when I tried to change the domain to, I waited for a minute and then tried going searching: and it couldn’t find the server, and I spent hours trying to fix this but I couldn’t. So my question is, how can I make the domain working?

By the way, I deleted the domain because I needed to do some more changes to it.

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  • Zoe K.

Here´s what´s wrong!

You need to add these DNS to your domain. These DNS will make your domain usable for github pages!

Make sure they are also type A!

The second problem might be, that you do not have an index.html file, the index.html file is the homepage of the website, so I suggest you to create one!

The third problem might be, that your domain didn´t refresh it, after you enter your DNS, it takes about 72 hours to reload, so I suggest waiting a few hours before trying again!

  • Elflanded
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Where do you put the numbers and what is type A?