Github doesnt save small caps change in Filename bug

we are working on a project, creating a React PWA.
For some reason there is a File called “TESTLogin.js”, which file name is not able to change.

The high caps break the code, however when ever we save and push with renaming the file to
“TestLogin.js”, it always merges with HIGH CAPS.

Here is the file:

Any ideas how to solve this?

How are you trying to change the filename? What happens if you do git mv TESTLogin.js TestLogin.js (in the right directory)?

To case-insensitive file systems this isn’t a change at all, and I saw capitalization changes being rejected on Windows. What should help is to give it a different name temporarily, then the actual name you want it to have:

  1. TESTLogin.js
  2. temp.js
  3. TestLogin.js

You might need to commit after step 2 before you commit the change from 3.