GitHub doesn't change the quick setup remote URL when switching between HTTPS/SSH

GitHub seems to be no longer changing the sample git command code when switching remote protocols. I don’t think it has any good so I assume it’s a bug.

Long story short:

  • Firefox Developer Edition 83.0b4
  • Reproduction steps:
    1. Create a repository
    2. Click “SSH” on left of the remote URL
    3. git code samples at the bottom do not change remote URL

Example: I chose SSH on top but the remote URLs below are still HTTPS-schemed.

“Quick setup” is only the top box (the light blue one).

You’re right, but I thought GitHub was able to automatically change all remote URLs of that page on switching the protocol. I’m wondering that if GitHub accidentally broke it when modifying the “master to main” things.
If the feature has never been there, I think I would go and request for that on uservoice of somewhere.