Github docker package registry manifest cannot be pulled with the latest docker version

After the latest docker updates(>20.10) I’m facing with the following issue:
I’m getting a warning message when I’m trying to pull my docker images from the github package registry, with the message that the manifest file is not found.

I have found the same problem at the docker release notes: Deprecated Engine Features | Docker Documentation

My understanding is that the docker registry is not complient. Is it a general problem with the github docker registry or is there a way to upgrade my organisation’s github docker registry?

The current Docker registry is not compliant and you’ll see this message appear when pulling because it does not support pull by digest, only pull by tag. However the GitHub Container registry (currently in public beta) is compliant and you won’t see this message. You could migrate your organization to using ( Working with the Container registry - GitHub Docs ) but we are very close to GA and we will be automatically migrating all Docker registry users over without any action from you.

So feel free to try out GHCR and know that we’ll be migrating you over anyway in about a month.

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