Github docker package registry can push but not pull

Hi GitHub,

I built an image locally that I was able to push up to a private GitHub Package Registry from the command line. However, when I deleted the image locally and tried to pull it from the registry, I saw the following error. Please help?

$ docker pull

latest: Pulling from owner/repo/image

bc9ab73e5b14: Already exists

193a6306c92a: Already exists

e5c3f8c317dc: Already exists

a587a86c9dcb: Already exists

72744d0a318b: Already exists

31d57ef7a684: Already exists

c86e11821475: Already exists

4fa7e5f11097: Already exists

8017dd0f447b: Pulling fs layer

7f974af66c7c: Pulling fs layer

5c7b4219e31e: Pulling fs layer

error pulling image configuration: unknown blob

Same problem here.

@flaurida , what is the packages limit in your account? I just found that somehow we have used 4TB of data transfer! The limits for private repos are just too low. I am going to have to switch back to Docker Hub.

Thank you for posting this, turns out that free accounts give you 1GB of data transfer out - no notification but you can see usage here:

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This saved me another 4 hours of debugging probably. Thank you!