GitHub Developer Program: erroneous links


I wanted to get my tool to be featured, but some of the links related to the GitHub Developer Program just don’t work.

I recently subscribed, and received an email. One of the links was “Request to be featured”, and it obviously doesn’t work:[subject]=New+integration

So I went ahead and found this Wiki page instead:

… unfortunately, those links don’t work:

  1. Obtain Developer Licenses”:[subject]=Development+licenses
  2. Let us know about your integration”:[subject]=New+GitHub+Integration

Cheers! :slight_smile:

All of those links work fine for me. What’s the issue you’re encountering?

They work, but they are erroneous.

Notice how the URLs let you know how you should land on a page with a form which would have its subject pre-filled by the information there.

What I get instead of is being redirected to this page:

… which does not contain a single option which would satisfy what I’m after: asking for a Developer License and Being Featured

I landed on the form with the expected selections.

I’d suggest turning off browser addons and/or clearing cache and cookies.

I used a brand new browser to try the links, and it still leads me to what seems to be the wrong page (the one screenshot in my previous reply).

Still working as expected on Chrome/Android.

May I see a screenshot of what the very first link I provided is supposed to look like?

Here’s a screenshot from Firefox 83 on Win10:

Well… this is very weird!