Github Desktop won't let me make a commit to master

Whenever I try and push the ‘commit to master’ button on Github Desktop, I get a popup telling me that my ‘Author Identity’ is unknown, and won’t let me go any further.

Here’s a screenshot of the error. I have no idea how to fix this. I’ve googled it, and not found much, and the wording of the error is vague.
‘Run’ git config? Run what? Command prompt? Some other program? Should this be my Github account name?
I have no idea what to do, and the Github Desktop interface is absolutely no help.

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Can you check what you have entered in your GitHub Desktop menu under Preferences > git? If you don’t have a name and your GitHub account email address entered, please do that.

Screenshot 2021-03-15 at 16.08.23

You can also set this using git on the command line, if you have it installed. The commands included in the error message will work.

The in the git config is whatever you want it to be. The only time you’ll really see it on GitHub is if you’re committing with an email address not associated with your GitHub account. As long as you’re using an email associated with your GitHub account, your GitHub username will show up.

I had the same problem. I went into preferences/git and everything looked ok so I just clicked save and them my name came back up again next to the commit button. Thanks!