Github Desktop: Received HTTP code 407 from proxy after CONNECT

Hi! I am a sysadmin in the k-12 space and we have students having issues with clone their repos using Github desktop when a proxy is configured. We have the proxy configured on the Windows 10 setting level and we need to have it on these computers to provide web filtering. Proxy authentication happens automatically and without end-user configuration through Azure Active Directory.

According to this, version 2.4 of Github Desktop, proxy info should have been configured automatically. However, when attempting to clone, they get an error: 'Received HTTP code 407 from proxy after CONNECT." All students are using 2.6.0

How do we go about solving this? I am completely lost as most help found online direct you to do things with git shell, which Github Desktop (as far as I can tell) doesn’t support git shell.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Same error here, haven’t found a solution :frowning: