Github Desktop not saving preferences

My GitHub desktop doesn’t seem to want to save any preferences/changes that I make within it, and re-installing it does not seem to help.

Not entirely sure what there is to send here, as I don’t seem to see anything odd in the developer tools.

What locations does Github desktop install to, as it seems everything is contained within User/AppData/Local

Thanks for the report @Razboy20. GitHub Desktop installs to %AppData% like you said. Can you share the specific preferences that are not being saved correctly? If you are trying to update your name/email it could be an issue with writing to your ~/.gitconfig file.

It would be helpful if you could upload the log file from GitHub Desktop, which may give us some more information. To access the log files go to the file menu in GitHub Desktop and select Help > Show Logs. The log files are created daily – please upload a log file as an attachment from a day where you experienced the issue.

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