Github Desktop Merge

Hello, new to source control, Github, and Github desktop. I am trying to get my feature/working branch up-to-date with master. I am using Github desktop to merge master into the working/feature branch (select drop down for current branch > 'choose a branch to merge into working/feature branch > select master). Here, I see the following message:
‘This will merge 1 commit from master into working/feature branch’


I did a compare on and I see that my feature branch is up-to-date, which means I’m seeing mixed messages between Desktop and the site. Is there a way in Github Desktop to tell what that 1 commit from master would be before I proceed? Thank you.

@vo-mary-PFG :wave: thanks for the question. Is your feature branch up to date with its remote branch in your repository? Your remote and local branches can differ depending on whether or not you have pushed your local changes.

You can use the Branch > Compare to branch option to see how your branches differ from one another.

Oh, I see. Thank you very much for the advice. :slight_smile: