Github Desktop Merge - Resolve Conflict?

Hi, noob here. I apologize if I misuse any terminology. I was playing around with the “merge into current branch” (selected master here) and “merge from master” options in Github desktop. It dawned on me, that both options just directly merged master into my working branch. Shouldn’t there be some type of resolution screen to resolve conflicts? Does this mean that if I ever want to merge changes another co-worker has moved to master with my working branch, it would overwrite my changes immediately without an option to resolve/choose what to keep?

To replicate:

  • Created two dummy branches from master (dummy and dummy1)
  • Changes were added to master
  • In Github Desktop:
    * With current branch as “Dummy”, I selected “merge into current branch” > master (requesting to merge master into Dummy)
    * With current branch as “Dummy1”, I selected “update from master”
    In both cases, my branch was updated with changes from master… However, I would expect that Github desktop would request that I resolve conflicts before actually merging.

I may have a gap in understanding. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you very much.