GitHub Desktop macOS won't auto udpate

Checked support and Googled too, seems like this is a local issue but can’t figure out what.

The auto update feature on GitHub Desktop won’t work.
It says it will self update on a restart but it never does.

Trying to do it from the “about” menu doesn’t work either.

Choosing Quit and Install Update does nothing.


Command line fu reveals the issue, but why and how to avoid this in the future?

xattr -l /Applications/GitHub\ 01c3;60492eb5;Safari;E6C0510B-8E98-421F-A67F-506900D02B2C

Removing quarantine doesn’t stick.

xattr -d /Applications/GitHub\

xattr -l /Applications/GitHub\ 01c3;60492eb5;Safari;E6C0510B-8E98-421F-A67F-506900D02B2C

You can manually install the newest version at

I understand that. I was looking for a solution that fixes the issue or at a minimum, corroboration that there is an issue.


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@jprokos I see you commented in the tracking issue for this – thanks for sharing that info there.