Github Desktop - Legal Question

can I use the tool Github Dektop in combination with Git on my work for commercial use?

HI @777bits , welcome
in one word “yes”.
The full license agreement text you agree to is here: End-User License Agreement | GitHub Desktop

Hi byrneh. got it, as there’s no word against commercial in EULA. Can I trust the tool that it will be compatible with other Git solutions in future?

Quoting the focus document for GitHub Desktop “It is intended primarily to extend the features of GitHub, not to be an agnostic Git client or replicate the feature set of While we support very basic functionality that will allow the app to function with other hosting providers, we prioritize work that allows the end-to-end GitHub and GitHub Enterprise experience to shine and takes advantage of the fact that we can closely integrate with GitHub features”
Basic Git functionality of all clients and servers should be compatible as they are all using Git.
Everbody has their own preferences. Things like Viisual Studio Code can also be used also or any other IDE.