GitHub Desktop is not pushing/updating/syncing

Hello there,

I am using the GitHub desktop with Atom as my external editor. I have no problem getting everything setup and completed the 2-way authentication etc. I was working on a testing project for a hour or so… then as I am done for the night, I was thinking to push/update/sync (not sure what’s the right word) everything I done in Atom back to First of all, I was able to sync Atom with GitHub desktop. The problem occur when I pushing the latest version out to the The GitHub desktop would show, it’s done, latest pushed to origin… but nothing being updated onto the when I went on to check!!! Did I missing a piece of the puzzle here??? What should I do??? Please advise. Many thanks.


Hi @wy-thinkbox,

Are you able to make commits successfully in GitHub Desktop? Are you getting any error messages at all?


Hi. Thank you for responding.

No there was no error message. And it does said something like it was pushed to the origin.

Not sure what’s going on. Any advise?

@wy-thinkbox Is the repository you’re working with public on If so, can you provide a link to it? if the repo is public, can you also let us know what changes you were trying to push? 

If the repository is private, I’d recommend reaching out to private support so we can take a closer look.