GitHub Desktop fails to add a new helper too

Every time I open GitHub Desktop I get a popup.

An update is ready to install.
GitHub Desktop is trying to add a new helper tool.

I enter my password but next time it does the same.

@Milliways2 thanks for the question. We’ve seen this happen due to GitHub Desktop having the wrong permissions set. You can run this command to check the permissions:

~/ ls -l /Applications | grep "GitHub Desktop"

If root owns this for some reason, or an account that you weren’t expecting, you might need to chown it to change the ownership. The group should be staff unless it was explicitly changed.

This indeed seems to be part of the problem.

The Directory and contents were all owned by my daughter (who does have a login BUT is extremely unlikely to have installed or used GitHub) It was dated 22 Sep 2016 and would have been transferred from my laptop.

I changed ownership (now some seem to be dated 17 Apr 2018.

This seemed to stop the warning, BUT the About shows “Tasty Things Done Tastily (224)” and warned about an update.

I have ATTEMPTED to update many times, but there seems to be no update option.

I downloaded the latest (a .ZIP) which seemed to contain an .app (rather than a .dmg as I would have expected). I dragged the .app to Applications, but this just generated a alias, and running either seems to be the old version.

Running the newly downloaded .app from Downloads (which identifies as

The only repository shown is is

How do I install an updated version, retaining my current which are in ~/github ?

@Milliways2 you can grab the latest version from