GitHub Desktop - cancel prompt to Push of local commits

Hey! I hope questions about GitHubDesktop is also allowed here.

So, I am using Git to sync a project between two machines. No, on one machine, I have already Pulled the latest Commit (which was Pushed fron second machine earlier), but found myself with two local commits that are now useless. GitHub Desktop still requests to Push them, though. I could live with that annoying blue prompt, but when I will have new legitimate Push to do, it will prompt to push to origin all three commits - the right one and two unwanted ones.

*I sync Unity project, if that matters

I somewhere read, that one can roll back to latest SHA, but I don’t see such option :confused:

ooooor will they not overwrite later made commits and just store themselves backdated in chronological order?

So… I did revert those two I do not need. Will I have now the state of the project as in “Borders”?

These are looming here and once I will have legit commit to do, I will need to push all five of them :confused: