Github desktop and .DS_Store problem on mac

GitHub desktop on my Mac is saying there is a conflict with .DS_Store - I’ve already pushed first version to remote repository. How can I resolve this so I can move forward. Thanks

@cindycc21 thanks for the question! I’d recommending adding .DS_Store to your .gitignore file so that they are not committed to your repository. To do this you will need to open the repository in the command line (Repository > Open in terminal) and run the following commands:

git rm --cached .DS_Store
echo .DS_Store >> .gitignore

That should properly remove the files from being tracked. You can read more about ignoring files here:

Let me know if you have any questions!

I just know how to use GitHub Desktop - not the CLI. Is there a way to do this in GitHub Desktop?

You can right-click on a file in the Changes view in GitHub Desktop and select Ignore file, but unfortunately files that have been previously committed need to have the git rm --cached command run into order for them to be properly ignored. You can use the exact commands I shared above.