[GitHub] Deprecation Notice

Apologies if this is a really stupid question - I don’t really use GitHub and have only ever used it to do a beginner’s HTML/CSS course so far. The last time I logged in was a couple of months ago. However today I received an email saying:

On September 29th, 2020 at 13:37 (UTC) you used a password to access an endpoint through the GitHub API using python-requests/2.18.4:

[Link removed - not sure what this is]

Basic authentication using a password to the API is deprecated and will soon no longer work. Visit https://developer.github.com/changes/2020-02-14-deprecating-password-auth/ for more information around suggested workarounds and removal dates.

The GitHub Team

Normally I wouldn’t think anything of this email, except that I didn’t login or access anything today? I clicked the link before thinking and it came up as a blank page with a single “}” on it. Is this an actual email from github or could this be some kind of phishing?


Hi @janekristinlou welcome to the GitHub community, we are happy you are here.

The API for OAuth Authorizations is indeed deprecated, GitHub no longer supports basic authentication using a username and password. Instead, we recommend using personal access tokens or the web application flow. As shown on this blog post. Kudos for being vigilant!

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